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Hee-Bermiok is located adjoining the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, in the West District of Sikkim. HEE-PATAL, MARTAM and BERMOIK have been chosen as the focal units for ecotourism development in this zone. Bounded by Kalez Khola in the North, Hee Khola in the West, Rangit Khola in the East and Samdong reserve forest in the South, Hee-Bermiok constituency in West Sikkim has a beautiful setting. The village has a strong Limboo community and one can experience the Limboo culture in all its glory. The Limboo community in west Sikkim have lived in harmony with nature for generations after generations.

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They have cultivated their land around their house, growing vegetables and most of the food is cooked by making use of produce grown in their own garden. They have sourced their clothing, using stone, wood and bamboo they built their shelters, from their backyard biodiversity, which is today known as Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary. Here we found a way to do something meaningful and build our team to enhance.